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 BB's Assistance offers ^^

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BB's Assistance offers ^^ Empty
PostSubject: BB's Assistance offers ^^   BB's Assistance offers ^^ Icon_minitimeFri Oct 19, 2007 4:28 am

Out to all the Crafters in the guild.

I have an awsome grinding patience, so if you need supplies/assistance,
I am here for you, just tell me what you need and where to get it and i will without a doubt help you out, in exhange that you will help me out sometime, Note I play spy and as you know we do extremly lack in PvE so if you require me to kill mobs that are equal to any imp that walks around in Theed, im afraid i can't help you confused

so FaRc and Zorb, you know i owe you one <3
send me a tell or write in the forum, forum prefered Smile
(we wanna keep it alive)

Your's, Badbenny lol!
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BB's Assistance offers ^^
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