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 How to do the Corvette

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How to do the Corvette Empty
PostSubject: How to do the Corvette   How to do the Corvette Icon_minitimeTue Sep 11, 2007 4:43 pm

Hi all,

I couldn't find a forum to drop this post. So if it is the wrong place, may an admin place it somewhere else :-)

Corvette guide

More then 20 times I helped out with the destruction of the corvette in space. I think its time to write down a little guide for those who want or must solo it study.

Before we get started some basics. First you need to prepare your ship correctly. You should have shields with around 2k or more protection, your gun should not consume more then 20 energy/shot by a dmg of 3k+, your CAP should have around 1k energy and a recharge of 37+ and you should have an engine that has a base-speed of 83+ with stats over 68. Your computer (DI) should be faster then 17 (means less then 17secs).
You also should get a FC (flight computer) and the following programs:
Reactor Overload 3
Engine Overload 3
Weapon CAP Overload 3
Weapon Overload 3
And most important: Shunt to Shields 3.
When you are in space, drag and drop all commands to your toolbar. I use to drop shunt2shields to F1. It saved my butt lots of times.

The Ship
I use to take a BB fighter, but the heavy Z or the JSF should do it too. I never use a bomber or heavy ship like X-Wing, B-Wing etc. because of the lower speed and less maneuverability and at least because you are a bigger target in a big ship which is very easy to hit. You may ask yourself how manage the upper components in such a small ship Shocked Well the pinpoited stats are only minimum requirement to survive the corvette and make the mission easy. Believe me when I say that my ship has much better parts then this. Anyways some tips I can give you before you start to equip your ship:
Only use reengineered parts, they have a very low energy consumption, low mass and good output.
1. The Reactor should be between level 1 and 3 (because of the low mass). My one is a Level 1 with around 1k mass and 13k output
2. Install armor as last part and only fill up the mass you’ve left. If you can use a better shield with no armor –Do it!- Shields are rechargeable, armor is not.
3. Do not use a booster over level 4. A good reed lvl2 is enough, a good reed level 4 is the best mass/speed/energy percentage.

Ready? Ok, lets go into space. Always start “Reactor Overload” as the first program (otherwise the reactor will get busted when u start the second program). Hyper to Dantooine and start second program (cap-overload), hit “N” for navigation and autopilot to spacestation (deepspace). Meanwhile start the 3rd (engine-overload) program. When u arrived the space station, hit shift+c or type /com and go to Kessel. In Kessel start 4th program (weap-overload). Now first check if corvette is here. Type “shift+c”. (The corvette is marked as a flying space station and will get targeted if around by hitting “shift+c” :-)
If she isn't there go close to her spawn point
The Imperial Corvette (Star Ravager) enters at approximately 7340 7550 6268 and exits at approximately -6231 -259 -6059
Wait for her in the asteroid field next to her spawn point (around 3k away). Now you can train your passions Sleep, she only spawns around every 2h.

When she spawns fly to the closest fighter”, agro it, make a 180° turn and boost away back to the asteroids. Now take out the fighters one by one (very easy here). Since the Agressors have a (back shooting) turret, always aim their weapon1 and then open fire. You will see that you will not get shot that much when you do it this way.
When you took out all fighters its time for the corvette. Before we go to the fun-part, some words about capital ships. Gunboats can only shot upward and around 45° to front and back. The corvette has only ONE turret that is able to shot below –the 5th weapon-. Once that one is gone, she has a big blind spot. At the upper side she has 5 guns and the gunboats also can hit you. This means, if you are coming from upstairs and you are not fast enough…..dust ... game over :-P Also, sometimes the corvette starts to slinger around. This the time to try your booster too. Go out of range and wait until she stops that…sh…Smile

Ok, for the first time ignore the gunboats. Aim the 5th weapon of the corvette and go in. Make sure that you come straight from below or from below/side. The turret is not heavy armored so it only take 2-4 shots until its gone. Once done, boost away (always below) recharge your shields and wait until you have your firepower back. Then turn around and go in from below SIDE and aim the shield that is closer to you (she’s got 2 of them). The shields are directly behind the head. this means the best vector to take them is from front/side/below. Take the first one out then turn to the other side and do the same with the other shield.
Now you can get the engine. Do that from behind/below. When the engine is done, boost away again out of range and wait until the gunboats have left the battlefield :-). Now go in from one side (below) and take out one weapon after the other. Do the same from the other side. When all weapons are gone you can take out the reactor. You need to shot it straight from the top (that’s why we took out all guns before). After that you take the bridge.
That’s All have fun :-)

Your Ace-Junky
-Uzul- What a Face

PS:Sorry for my badEnglish...its really rusty :-P If you got questions or need help with something, just ask me. Exclamation
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How to do the Corvette
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