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 Feather Collector

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PostSubject: Feather Collector   Feather Collector Icon_minitimeThu Mar 13, 2008 11:56 am

You receive this quest from one of the following feathers from killing one of the mobs that can drop the items. Collect all 6 to complete the collection.

Gulginaw Feather - Devil Gulginaw on Talus
Mantrigue Feather - Endor
Kai Tok Feather - Rori
Peko Peko Feather - Found on Peko Peko birds in Naboo
Perlek Feather - Lok
Whisper Bird Feather - Yavin IV
Reward: Feather Pillow (Schematic)

Retrieved from "http://swg.wikia.com/wiki/Feather_Collector"
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Feather Collector
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